Nuklear LoRD Wiki

This is a Level 5 monster


Strength- 78

Experience- 256

Hit Points- 120

Gold- 4,000

Weapon- Glare of Stone


This monster can be tricky if you didn't spend any gems on powerups, but you're still only at risk if it gets a power move.

Equipment + 0 gems
Short Sword/Leather Vest 93%
Short Sword/Bronze Armour 97%
Short Sword/Iron Armour 99%
Long Sword/Leather Vest 97%
Long Sword/Bronze Armour 98%
Long Sword/Iron Armour *100%
Huge Axe/Leather Vest 98%
Huge Axe/Bronze Armour 99%
Huge Axe/Iron Armour *100%

Death Message[]