The Blackjack Dwarf is a random forest event. He offers you the chance to play blackjack with him. You must have gold on hand to play. You can either play the game or (T)ell him to get lost.

  • Minimum wager: 200
  • Maximum wager: 5000

These amounts are not level-dependent, making the gamble a big payoff at low levels, but not worth much to higher level players.

How to PlayEdit

The play is just that of standard blackjack. You are dealt two cards and asked if you want to hit or stay. If you hit, you get another card, while if you stay, you keep the total you have.

If both cards in your initial deal are the same, then you can split and play two games with that bet.

You want to get as high a total as possible without exceeding 21. Face cards are worth 10 points, Aces 1 or 11, and number cards, whatever value they have. If you go over 21 then you bust and lose your bet immediately. If you choose to stay before hitting 21 then the dwarf plays. The dwarf will always hit if he has 16 or below (even if his total is already higher than yours) and will always stay if he has 17 or above. If the dwarf busts then you win. If not, then whoever has the higher total wins. If the totals are the same then it is a push and you neither win nor lose gold.