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Valkyrie Valkerjar Valkyrie Valkerjar 16 June 2011


I've just found the handy dandy template insert that we see so often in subheadings on Wikipedia, which says "Main Article: X". I've run across a handful of places where it is relevant to add; I'm sure there are more out there.

Why do I care? Networking and browsing go hand in hand. Who hasn't read a small section on a wiki, then clicked on the main article link in order to learn more? I have. I'd like to give our wiki users the same opportunity. One click leads to another, and soon enough we'll all be experts.

Then I can stop editing and go outside and have a nice chilled drink on the patio and maybe even get a tan or something. Until then, it's pasty glaring whiteness and wiki edits all around!

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Valkyrie Valkerjar Valkyrie Valkerjar 14 June 2011

Why wiki so much?

Being a writer, in spirit as well as in deed, I treasure the written word. Words bring knowledge, and knowledge is power. Costly mistakes can be avoided, and learning curves more sharply angled, when one has more knowledge at one's disposal.

Making this wiki accurate and broad in scope has been something I've worked at off and on for nearly three years, and I'm pleased with the results thus far, though there is much, much more that can still be done. I'm looking forward to working on many more pages and getting the info out there that will enable players both new and experienced to join our site and have an awesome experence playing LoRD with us.

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Walkerman Walkerman 14 June 2011

Unlocking Achievements

So I'm editing the wiki and it gives me achievements for it. I realize that this is to encourage editing, but it could also encourage pointless edits to pad stats. Heck, I get an achievement just for writing this post!

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Katherine0852 Katherine0852 14 June 2011

Achievement unlocked!

For making a blog post, whoo?

I'm not sure this is a good system to have really..

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