Blue realm is one of the three colored realms of Nuklear LORD

Overview Edit

Blue Realm is highly recommended for all first time/rusty players, because its style of play is more relaxed. Camping is allowed, and those who are not ready to try new forest levels with minimal equipment are often accused of camping when they try to sit and save up for strong equipment in Green and Red realms.

Realm Characteristics Edit

Pro views:

  • More players, usually, than Green Realm or Red Realm, which allows for ease of finding a kill
  • Competitive players can use their skills (especially Shatter and Light Shield) on campers, netting them massive amounts of Experience in one successful kill. This manoeuvre allows them to catch up quickly to those ahead of them, or to distance themselves from their close competition. This works both ways, however. Those you're trying to beat are fully capable of using this technique to pull ahead of you as well.

Con views:

  • Trying to kill someone who has massive armour can be very frustrating, when you use your Thieving Skills or Shatter and do one point of damage, and then they crush you in return. To weed out the competitive players from the campers takes diligence in watching who kills whom in self defense.
  • Blue is seen as less competitive by some players, who think that getting so much EXP at once is too easy.

Camping Edit

Camping is legal in the blue realm. It will not be punished.

Dueling Edit

The Blue Realm is designed to be a place where everyone can play in peace. You may NOT hunt and kill other players while they are online, even if they have more dragon kills than you. Duel Killing is illegal and will be punished.

If you are killed whilst online in Blue Realm, please report it by posting in the Nuklear LORD Forum.

If someone attempts to duel kill you, but does not succeed, please report it also. They will be warned.

First Offense: The offender is dropped one level

Second Offense: The offender is reset to level one

Third Offense: The offenders character is deleted