This is a level 1 monster.

Statistics Edit

Strength - 12

Experience - 10

Hit Points - 15

Gold - 234

Weapon - Short Sword

Strategy Edit

Here are the chances of killing Bran with a selection of Weapon and Armour.

Bran the Warrior is the most powerful monster on level 1. He can kill you in two hits. If you have the Stick/Coat combination, and are surprised, it is best to run unless you want to use a T skill on him. Your odds of survival if you stay and fight are 50/50 without using skills.

Equipment + 0 gems HOTT + 0 gems
Stick/Coat 92% 97%
Stick/Heavy Coat 98% 99%
Dagger/Coat 99% 99%
Dagger/Heavy Coat 100% 100%

Death Message Edit

After a hardy duel, Bran lies at your feet, dead.