When you reach 100 charm or more, your room at the inn is free

Charm is one of the many stats your character has in-game. The more you have, the more benefits you can get, though they only help in certain cases.

Charm Sources Edit

  • From a bard song (female players only) +1
  • From escorting the old man back to town +1
  • From getting hit with a pretty stick +5
  • From getting hit with an ugly stick -1
  • From Jennie COOL +1 (but you must be injured, or you won't get the charm point)

Charm Use Edit

Charm is only useful as a flirting tool with Seth or Violet. When you flirt with them, you gain Experience points, which can help you advance in the game. The higher your charm, the more options you have on the flirting menu.

When a male player has 100 charm, he may marry Violet, and she will give him a child every day they are married. Each gives him an extra FF. You can also marry Violet to prevent other players in competition with you from having the benefit of extra exp from flirting with her (she is replaced by Grizelda and no one gets any exp from her).

A female player needs 120 charm to marry Seth. She doesn't have a child every day though, because she can have children throughout the game. She can prevent other female players from flirting with Seth by marrying him, though if their charm is higher than that of the player who is married to Seth, they can make the bard stray, and it makes the Daily News.

Other Charm sightings in-game Edit

Princess Rescues Edit


this male player's charm is 18


When a male player rescues the princess, he gets a lay as well as Gems. The screen will say how many minutes he takes to "feel quite repaid" by the princess: this is actually his charm score, implying that the more charming he is, the longer he and the princess will frolic.

Romantic Mail Edit

When you enter the Romantic Mail screen, it will tell you the charm of the person you've chosen to write to. Depending on their score, the system has a phrase for them.

For male players

0 is the ugliest person in the realm. Easily.

1 looks like a fresh piece of troll dung.

2 needs a wizard to fix that ugly mug!

3 is so ugly he makes Barak look good!

4 has arms are made of noodles.

5 is so dumb, he doesn't know how dumb he is.

6 isn't what you would call good, or even ok looking.

7 reminds me of a cabbage.

8 gives new meaning to the word 'dingleberry'.

9 needs to learn the meaning of 'showering'.

10 scares small children with his face!

11 isn't the ugliest mother, but he looks like a woman.

12 doesn't have very proud parents.

13 makes women give up on the male race.

14 isn't what you would call 'handsome'...

15 isn't troll dung, but he ain't that great either.

16 is better then other fellows out there. A few anyway.

17 should be the birthcontrol spokesperson.

18 is ok..If you don't care about outward appearances.

19 is ok, except his left eye is always looking at his right.

20 is alright looking...After 10 mugs of ale.

21 makes halder seem ultra cool.

22 has a nice face - but his body is of an Old Woman!

23 is a nice boy. But only a boy

24 wouldn't be so bad if his breasts didn't sag like an Old Womans!

25 must be a level one boy, he's so weak.

26 is only one step away from good looking..But a long one.

27 screams like a woman when he is scared!

28 drinks milk at the Inn!

29 always smells like Violet's perfume!

30 is very average looking. Not bad at all.

31 is fine except for that huge nose!

32 is a pretty boy, but with no heart.

33 is fine, but he wears lipstick.

34 is fairly strapping, but his hair is SOOO long!

35 is definatly above average - but only just.

36 has an honest face. But does that mean he's honest?

37 is a lady killer. Literally.

38 face doesn't hurt the eyes, but he is no Seth Able!

39 has a great body, but a bad complexion.

40 looks good - but seems a little superficial.

41 is rather attractive.. Not at all ugly.

42 is a very suitable suitor..

43 seems to use deodorant, a definate plus.

44 is very sweet. In his own way.

45 is definitley a good catch.

46 is nice in body and spirit.

47 would make a good father.

48 seems to have a lot going for him.

49 likes to help the elderly, very decent of him.

50 is a very good man - been through a lot.

51 is very secure and sure of himself.

52 has an irresistable lopsided grin.

53 has a beautiful body.

54 is a wonderful warrior.

55 is a hero, a very good man to have around.

56 has mighty pecks!

57 has a huge amount of honor.

58 has many virtues, including putting the lid down.

59 is smart enough to run if he has to.

60 can quaff more liquor an an hour then anyone!

61 is a real man. A knocka knocka knockout!

62 is quite a nice chuck of meat.

63 has features chiseled in stone.

64 has muscles hard as rock - yet a sensitive side.

65 rocks the world with every blow.

66 is a noble individual.

67 can drink a river and not burst. Yes it's true.

68 would give his life for his love.

69 can supposedly please a woman all night.

70 makes the Baldwin brothers look like schoolboys.

71 makes Stallone look like he needs to workout.

72 is like a medieval Fabio!

73 has lots of women chasing him.

74 is grade A male - With a nice T-Bone!

75 is too sexy for his hat. What do you think of that?

76 is note a fake, he is for real.

77 is so muscular, his breast are larger then most womens!

78 makes women quiver at the slightest touch.

79 dances better then anyone in the village!

80 has a sexier accent then Byrk almost!

81 makes Jason Priestly look homely!

82 sings nearly as good as Seth Able.

83 has a better sense of humor than Tim Allen.

84 does NOT shop at the goodwill.

85 A very good syne.

86 would look handsome no matter what clothes he wore.

87 is very nearly the perfect looking man.

88 is an absolute dream!

89 looks a bit like Elvis - (When he looked good)

90 could lift a house if he had to!

91 has a better top ten list then David Letterman!

92 has a smile like butter!

93 is so good looking he makes people varclempht!

94 must have been modeled after Hurcules!

95 makes women go insane! So hot!

96 is truly a work of art.

97 is as good looking as Seth Able!

98 makes womens chemicals boil!

99 will hold a woman afterwords!

100 is the IT. There is no one better looking.

100+ has a God Like body, and soul to match.

For female players

 is a cow - Not even a good looking one.
 is so ugly she makes The Old Woman look good!
 has breasts that sag hugely.
 is so dumb, she doesn't know how dumb she is.
 scares small children with her face!
 doesn't make it easy to tell her gender.
 is a little on the hefty side. (Moo)
 isn't what you would call 'pretty'...
 isn't a cow, but she ain't that great either.
 is better then other women out there.  A few anyway.
 is ok, except her left eye is always looking at her right.
 makes Roseanne seem thin.
 has a nice face - but her body is of 10 year old boy!
 is a nice girl.  But only girl
 doesn't seem to possess a thing called breasts.
 doesn't seem to like to comb her hair.
 seems to ALWAYS smell funky.
 wouldn't look that bad, if she washed.
 always smells like Seths cologne!
 is a pretty girl, but with no heart.
 is fine, but she wears a jockstrap.
 is fairly cute, but her hair is too short.
 has an honest face.  But does that mean she's honest?
 is a man killer.  Literally.
 face doesn't hurt the eyes, but she is no Violet!
 is a very suitable woman.
 seems to use deodorant, a definite plus.
 is very sweet.  In her own way.
 would make a good mother.
 seems to have a lot going for her.
 likes to help the elderly, very decent of her.
 is a very good woman - been through a lot.
 is very secure and sure of herself.
 has more curves then a circle!
 looks like Shannen Doherty!
 has very large er, tracts of land.
 has a voice like a trickling stream.
 has many virtues, including not nagging!
 is smart enough to watch 90210!
 always seems to smell like a rose.
 is a real woman!  A knocka knocka knockout!
 looks like a blond, yet is smart.
 looks so good, she should be in a rag mag!
 could make a eunuch grow a tree!
 is sweet package of trusting beauty.
 is a blue jean baby queen.
 would give her life for her love.
 can supposedly please a man all night.
 makes the Olson Twins look like schoolgirls!
 makes Kim Basinger look plain!
 is like a medieval Cindy Crawford!
 has lots of men chasing her.
 is grade A female - With nice mellons!
 is too sexy for her hat.  What do you think of that?
 is note a fake, she is for real.
 is so pretty, she would make a tree hard.
 makes men quiver at the slightest touch.
 makes Jennie Garth look homely!
 commands love by just walking by.
 would look wonderful no matter what clothes she wore.
 is very nearly the perfect looking woman.
 looks a bit like Shirly Temple - (When she looked good)
 makes men tingle like when they climbed the rope in.
 has a smile more beautiful then the sunrise.
 is so good looking she makes people varclempht! 93
 must have been modeled after a model.
 makes men go insane!  So hot! 95?
 is as good looking as Violet!
 makes mens chemicals boil!
 will still be there in the morning!
 has a fantastic body, and soul to match.