As a Female (Character) player, you can have children. Each child gives you an extra Forest fight per day. If you are married in-game to another player, that male player also gains this extra FF per day. If you are unmarried, or married to Seth the Bard, then only you get the extra FF.

Having ChildrenEdit

Female players are informed upon logging in if they're about to have a child. Nathan the Healer appears and informs you of your impending motherhood. The odds of pregnancy are 1/18, given that the player has sufficient lays. You can have one child for your first and for every 5 lays thereafter, but you might not actually have one till much later. E.g. if you have 14 lays you may have a maximum of three children but you are more likely to have none. If you get two more lays, you might have a fourth child the next day, or it might not happen the rest of the round. You can only have one child per day, however.

Benefits of ChildrenEdit

  • One bonus Forest Fight per child
  • should you acquire 7+ children in a single round, those children can also attack your enemy and sacrifice themselves, leaving the enemy with 1/2 its Hit Points. This is particularly useful when fighting the Red Dragon. However, due to the lays requirement, the odds of having a child on any given day, and the average length of a Nuklear LoRD realm, this occurrence is extremely rare.
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