Coloured Realms

There are three colored realms at Nuklear LoRD. Each has a different style of play and will appeal to different styles of players. Despite some of the descriptions, no colored realm is any more or less competitive than any other. The only non-competitive realm is the Test Realm. All three realms have the same goal in place, that is to kill five dragons before anybody else does. And the final stats from all three realms are saved in the Previous Games. The only differences are rules involving camping and duel killing.

Blue Realm Edit

Blue is the relaxed realm and is ideal for new players and those who don't have the desire to spend a lot of time on the game.

Green Realm Edit

Green Realm is the middle ground. It more fast paced than Blue Realm, but not as blood thirsty as Red Realm.

Red Realm Edit

Red Realm is the heavy competition realm. It caters to blood thirsty players and those looking for an extra challenge.