Nestled deep within the Forest, the DCT is an oft-sought location. It has many purposes that players find useful at one time or another.

Persons of interest inside the DCT are Chance and The Other Other Old Man.

Dark Cloak Tavern

Uses for the DCT Edit

Switching Classes Edit

The reason most players want to find the DCT is so they can switch class, from Thief to Mage or Mage to Thief. Without the DCT, they're stuck as their current class, and if they're stuck there too long, they will have to choose between leveling up in the "wrong" class--throwing off their skill advancement schedule--or waiting on their current level for the DCT (or a horse to show up, possibly falling behind their competition and losing a lot of cash in the process.

Learning About Your Enemies Edit

For 2 gems, Chance will give you a player's current stats: weapon, armor, STR, DEF, gold, children, horse.

Gambling Edit

Main article: Old Man (DCT)

Gambling is also possible at the DCT by talking to The OOO Man. He has three different games you may play, which are randomized. You may only offer to play 10 games with him per day.

Guess where I hid muh wooden teeth
Think of a number
Bet you can't knock this off my head

You may bet as much as you have on hand. If you have a horse, you can go get as much money from your account at the Bank as you want to. If you have no gold, you can't gamble. The probability of winning depends on the game and is as follows: Number Guess:
If you roll >= 55 on 1 to 100, you'll win. (46% chance of winning)

Wooden Teeth:
If you roll > 45 on a 1 to 100, you'll win. (55% chance of winning)

If you roll > 44 on a 1 to 100, you'll win. (56% chance of winning)