Every player advances through the game by gaining experience points. The more experience points you have, the higher the level you can reach. Each master requires a certain level of experience before you can challenge them.

Leveling Up Edit

You begin the game, and the second half of your day when reset after killing the dragon, with 1 experience point, and you are level one. In order to get to level two, you have to challenge the level one master, Halder, at Turgon's Warrior Training in the Town Square.

In order to successfully attack (not win, just attack) your master, you have to have acquired at least the minimum necessary experience points for the next level. If you do not have enough experience, the master will steal your weapon from your hand and you'll be laughed at. You cannot challenge the master again on that day.

If you don't know whether you have enough experience yet, you can (Q)uestion the master inside the training center. If you have enough, he/she will say so. If not, they'll tell you exactly how many more points you need before you can challenge them.

Level Eleven Hell Edit

This phenomenon is experienced when you level up to 11 and don't have enough experience for 12.

Reasons may include:

accidentally leveled up once too often
inexperienced with how evil level 11 is
you were after a level 10 or 12 and failed to kill them

The hellish situation really kicks in when you have minimal equipment, which leads to lots of dying in the forest. Every day you die, you lose 10% experience. If you can't get a kill, you'll lose more and more exp daily, putting you further and further from your goal of 10m exp.

Experience Chart Edit

Level Hit Points Attack Points Defense Points Cost for your room Minimum Exp Points Innkeeper Bribe Cost
1 20 5 0 400 - -
2 30 10 2 800 100 3200
3 45 17 5 1200 400 4800
4 65 27 10 1600 1000 6400
5 95 39 20 2000 4000 8000
6 145 59 35 2400 10K 9600
7 220 94 57 2800 40K 11,200
8 345 144 92 3200 100K 12,800
9 530 219 152 3600 400K 14,400
10 780 329 232 4000 1M 16,000
11 1130 479 352 4400 4M 17,600
12 1680 679 502 riiight 10M 19,200

Sources of ExperienceEdit

  • Killing other players will give you 50% of their experience. It doesn't matter if they're online or offline, though there is a bug that occasionally won't give you experience from online duels.
  • Flirting with another player will give you experience, depending on which option you choose in romantic mail and your level.
  • The Fairies will give you experience if you ask for a blessing and get Fairy Lore.
  • The Prince/Princess in the tower, if rescued, will give you experience.
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