This screen brings joy to every player's heart, whether they want a fairy or a horse.

Encountering the fairies in the Forest is one of the more useful events in this game. The only place you can find them is at their bathing pool. There, you will be given the choice of asking for a blessing or trying to catch one.

What you ask for depends on what your goals are. If you want to rob the bank or have a fairy as insurance in a fight, try to catch one. Your odds are 50/50. If you want to try for a Horse, Gems, Experience or healing (and usually players only are interested in the horse), ask for a blessing. Your odds of getting any one are 1:4.

Pertinent Fairy Information Edit

Ask for a Blessing

You are noticed!

Fairies cannot be used in online Player duels.

You can only have one Fairy at a time. If you have one in hand and try to catch another, it won't give you two, or make you lose the one you have, no matter what the screen says.

You must be a Thief to rob the bank with a fairy. The amount of gold you get depends on your current level. Robbing the bank on level one is essentially useless. You get more gold from JENNIE LADY.

If you leave the game, either willingly or if you're booted, you will instantly lose your fairy.

Males who carry a fairy should not accept head from Olivia, as this will cause them to lose their fairy.

Fairy Gifts, Blessings and Actions Edit

Where What Details
Forest Catch one (50/50 odds) You get a fairy in your pocket for many possible tasks; see below
Forest Miss catching one Grab thornberry bush, HP drop to 1!
Forest Ask for blessing Receive 2 gems from tears you shed listening to a sad song
Forest Ask for blessing Get refreshed (healed to full HP) by a kiss from Nolmar/Teesha
Forest Ask for blessing Receive a Horse, either black or white
Forest Ask for blessing Gain lvl*lvl*10 exp from learning Fairy Lore
Pocket/Bank Press "2" Fairy robs the bank for you and gives you the gold
Pocket/Fight (master/dragon/offline player/forest) No action required; fairy automatically acts You are instantly healed to full HP if you take damage that would kill you
Pocket/Forest/See Olivia Ask Olivia to pleasure you Fairy escapes, no pleasuring happens, and the event makes the Daily News

How much gold might you get when you rob the bank? Here's a handy chart that shows the minimum and maximum gold amounts per level. As you see, it's not worth it to rob the bank on level 1 if you can do Jennie LADY instead. Keep that fairy and use it to squeak by Halder with minimal equipment. If you've still got the fairy, rob the bank on level 2.

Level Range of Gold Stolen
1 500 - 999
2 4,000 - 7,992
3 13,500 - 26,973
4 32,000 - 63,936
5 62,500 - 124,875
6 108,000 - 215,784
7 171,500 - 342,657
8 256,000 - 511,488
9 364,500 - 728,271
10 500,000 - 999,000
11 665,500 - 1,329,669
12 864,000 - 1,726,272
Kiss from Teesha

A Kiss from Teesha

Successful Fairy

Your hand finally connects with.... A FAIRY!

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