The Nuklear LoRD Forums are a place for players to share their struggles, triumphs, joys and frustrations. There is a sub-forum for each realm as well as for discussing strategy, rules and for contacting the admins.


Blue Realm

Discuss the daily happenings of Nuklear LORD's Blue Realm

Green Realm

Talk about what happened today in the Green Realm

Red Realm

Discussion forum for the heavy-competition area, the Red Realm

Test Realm

Playing the realm, challenges, new ideas, and feedback.

All Realms

Realm discussion - minus limitations.

Game PlayEdit


For discussing tips, strategies, and skills... Or just asking "How did you do that?"

Fair play

Someone breaking the rules? Need to vent about it? Duelkilled unfairly? Talk about it here. Anything regarding rules, rulebreaking, or bugs should go here.


Talk to Admins

Questions? Ideas? Any discussion that you'd like to have with the admins should go in this forum. Forum rules and announcements can also be found here.

This is the Forum where Nuklear LORD players post to bitch about whine about complain about point out perceived bugs and shortcomings in the system.

Completely off topic

"The topicless forum. Discuss anything you want with fellow Nuklear LORD players"

Forum Games

The place to play forum games!



Use this forum for public feedback and ideas for the Nuklear LORD game rewrite project.

Dungeons & Dragons

Because tmo and Valkyrie love to chuck dice.