Angels singing immediately after you enter the forest can give you up to 12 gems


Gems can be collected from several sources throughout the game, including:

  • Immediately upon entering the forest
    • + up to your level #
  • After killing a monster or player with a powermove or special skill
    • +1
  • If you use the Jennie cheat code FOXY
    • +1
  • After successfully slaughtering another player who had gems in his/her possession
    • +half their gems on hand
  • Acquired in the forest as a special/random event while (L)ooking
    • +1
  • As a reward for a successful tower rescue
    • +3X your level
  • As one of four possible blessings from the fairies
    • +2


Gems can be used in a couple of ways to enhance your character's attributes.

  • Most commonly you can trade two gems to the bartender for a one point increase in Hit points, Strength, or Vitality (defense)
  • In the forest one may be traded to an old hag for a one point increase in hit points if you completely healthy (running into the hag is a random event)
  • As a thief, in the forest one may be traded to the guild for a one point increase in your thief ability (running into the guild is a random event)


Gem strategy depends on your level, class, and playing style. Below are some reasonable suggestions.

  • Keep at least one or two gems on hand while in the forest in case you run into a hag or into the guild as a thief
  • Since a hit point costs only one gem if you find the old hag, buying a hit point for two gems from the bartender should only be done when necessary--this should only matter at low levels, when one Hit Point is a larger % of your total HP
  • Since attack strength can be raised for free by the Hammer stone forest event, buying an increase for two gems should only be done when necessary--usually on level 12 to prepare for attacking the dragon
  • Proactively go after the prince/princess rescue. Unless you need high spirits, always ask where the prince/princess is from the Olivia event. Enough gems won can equal a free equipment upgrade.