Jennie Garth

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Jennie codes are a secret or "cheat code" used in Legend of the Red Dragon. As they are very well known, they are commonly used by most players.

Origin Edit

Seth Able Robinson, creator of LoRD, was a fan of Jennie Garth. Garth was well known at the time of LoRD for playing Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210.

Usage Edit

To use a Jennie code you must be in High Spirits. You either start the day in High Spirits or gain this from Olivia.

Just type the word "JENNIE" while in the forest, at the basic prompt. You'll have to type blindly; the letters won't show up as you type them. If you see each letter appear as a separate command as you try to type it, then you are in low spirits and can't get anything from the code. You'll know when it's working because the letters won't be echoed to the screen. Type carefully; you cannot backspace and correct your typing. The backspace counts as a keystroke.

When you successfully type "JENNIE" you'll get the message "Jennie? Jennie Garth? Describe her:" Here is a list of what you can type and the result:

Code Result
Babe Extra Forest Fight
Foxy You gain a Gem
Lady You receive some Gold (1000x level)
Sexy You gain an extra user fight
Hott Your Hit Points increase by 20%
Cool You gain an extra charm point (only if your Hit Points are less than full)
Gift Replenishes your Mystical Skills
Ugly You will be kicked from the game and have 1 Hit Point when you return
Dung You are turned into a frog

Using a Jennie code will put you into Low Spirits. There are a few other codes (fair, star, nice) that give you special messages but have no actual effect. Typing anything that is not a special code will give you the message "You do not understand her."

Video Explanation Edit

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