The twelfth and final level of the game is where The Red Dragon is found. It is full of difficult to kill Forest Monsters who mostly provide a high Gold yield. A lot of time is spent on Level 12 by most Players.

Forest Monsters Edit

These are the Forest Monsters found on Level 12.

Highest paying: Humongous Black Wyre

Strongest: Mutated Black Widow

Longest-lasting: Kal Torak

Most exp: Mutated Black Widow

Forest Monster Strength Experience Hit Points Gold Weapon
Purple Monchichi 14 23 29 763 Continuous Whining
Two Headed Rotweiler 18 17 32 384 Twin Barking
Evil Hobbit 35 46 95 1,240 Smoking Pipe
Dark Elf 43 33 57 1,070 Small Bow
Kal Torak 876 94,664 6,666 447,774 Cthrek Goru
Humongous Black Wyre 1,166 76,000 3,453 653,834 Death Talons
Black Warlock 1,366 58,989 2,767 168,483 Satanic Choruses
The Wizard of Darkness 1,497 39,878 1,383 224,964 Chant Of Insanity
The Mighty Shadow 1,633 51,655 2,332 176,333 Shadow Axe
Cyclops Warrior 1,744 49,299 2,899 204,000 Fire Eye
Black Unicorn 1,899 41,738 1,587 336,693 Shredding Horn
Corinthian Giant 2,400 60,333 2,544 336,643 De-rooted Tree
Mutated Black Widow 2,575 98,993 1,276 434,370 Venom Bite
Averages 1,405.9 52,926.2 2,315.1 276,356.4

Master Edit

The Red Dragon is effectively the master of Level 12.

Equipment Edit

Level 12 is survivable with a Wan's Weapon and Full Body Armour. You will need to pick how you fight however. Kal Torak, Humongous Black Wyre and The Wizard of Darkness are all killable. Black Unicorn and Mutated Black Widow are killable with Thieving Skills or Death Knight Skills. The Mighty Shadow and Black Warlock are generally not worth the effort, as their Gold yield is low. Cyclops Warrior is not to be attacked unless you have a Blood Sword. Corinthian Giant should never be fought in a competitve game.

Gold Sources and Costs Edit

Event Gold
Bag of Gold 36,000 - 107,856
Bank Robbery 864,000 - 1,726,272
Old Man 6,000
Room at the Inn 4,800
Bribe the Bartender 19,200


Level 12 is the only level in which you may (S)earch for the dragon in the forest. Also, in green and red realms, it is considered camping to quit to the fields or get a room at the inn on level 12.