Gear LoRD is the rewrite of Nuklear LoRD by falknhayn. The name comes from the host site which is The game is very similar to Nuklear, with three realms with slightly different rules.

The realms in Gear are:

  • River - free use of weapons and armour regardless of level (camping allowed), no online battles without prior agreement
  • Forest - weapons restricted to certain levels, no online battles without prior agreement
  • Fire - weapons restricted to certain levels, online battles allowed

Gear LoRD also features some enhancements and improvements to the original game. The biggest changes are:

  • Support for playing in modern browsers and touchscreen support
  • Automatic reset of realms after the round has been won
  • 9 bot players in each realm, ensuring that there are sufficient players in each round
  • Death Knight skills are 30 % stronger than Thieving skills to make them usable
  • No dragon horse kills will occur
  • Horse death probability has been reduced from 1/27 to 1/50 to make horses worthwhile
  • Improved disconnection handling - possibility to continue playing after the connection has been restored
  • Players are automatically set to dead if they sleep in the fields or the inn on level 12 (Forest and Fire realms only)
  • No mail is sent to another player if sending an empty row
  • Limitations to how good weapons and armour you can buy to prevent camping (Forest and Fire realms only)
  • No gold is gained from killing a player, to prevent team playing.
  • Some bug and typo fixes
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