This is the screen info you see if you slay the dragon as a Mage. In case you wanted to see what it says, since you usually blast past it in your excitement.

EPILOGUE - The Mystical Skills User Ending


Still shaking from the battle, you decide it is time to return to town and share the good tidings. You close your eyes and concentrate. "There is no place like Town"...A when you open your eyes, you are under a cow in a farm outside - Not far from Abduls Armour. You trek the distance to the Armoury, cursing as you go. Wizards were not made for this kind of hardship you tell yourself.

Miss Abdul is estatic when you tell her about your escapades. She agrees to accompany you to the Inn. She lends you a horse when you tell her of how your feet ache.

When you enter the smokey bar with a loud clatter, merry makers stop their carousing, people hunched over their meals stop chewing and Seth Able stops playing in mid-strum.

"People! I have slain the beast!" you shout triumphantly. A voice is heard from the back. "What beast? A large rat or something?" You scowl. It is Barak. You nonchalantly make a gesture with one hand. A few moments later, Barak stands up suprised. He looks wildly around, then makes a bolt for the door.

"What happened to him?" Miss Adbul asks you in puzzlement.

"Nature called." you smile. Your face becomes serious as you address the bar. "The Red Dragon is no more." Violet sets her serving tray down to hear better. "We cannot bring back those dead, but I have stopped this from happening again."

"And he did it with Armour from Abduls Armour!" Miss Abdul adds.

"Er, thank you. Anyway, make sure you put something in the Daily happenings about this!" The crowd gives you a standing ovation.