The clock for Nuklear LoRD is set to Eastern Standard Time (or Eastern Daylight Time). A new LoRD day begins every day at Nuklear Midnight.

Midnight MasterEdit

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At midnight Nuklear time, Midnight Master logs into each realm one by one. This is to prevent a bug where multiple people log in simultaneously causing multiple days to go by. While Midnight Master is logged in, nobody else may enter the realm. As soon as Midnight Master is no longer logged into any realm, then all realms open for play that day.

As long as all three colored realms are still in play, then midnight master can be counted on to log off at exactly 00:03:00. So, if you are planning on killing a resurrect or somebody who played late the previous day, it is advisable to log in in wait at the screen that says:

[C]ontinue to colored Realm

[G]o beyond the usual play to the test realm

Be prepared to hit 'C' as soon as the clock hits 00:03:00. Every second counts. If one or more realms have closed, then Midnight Master finishes 45 seconds earlier per closed realm.

Lockout PeriodEdit

Players are limited to 30 minutes of playing time per day. There is no limit to the number of times a player may log in and out, but total playing time may not exceed 30 minutes. Likewise, the realm does not allow anybody to enter after 23:30 Nuklear time. If it did, then there would be problems with Midnight Master logging in when another player is in the realm.

If you are already logged in when the lockout begins, then you may continue playing the rest of your day. This is a relatively common occurence, in fact, when a few players try to out-wait each other all day and end up logging in right before the lockout. But if for any reason you get disconnected while playing after the lockout has begun, you can not re-enter the realm.