In Red Realm and Test Realm, online duels are legal at any time. In Blue and Green Realms, they must be agreed upon beforehand. This means that both players must agree via in-game messages to duel each other. It is considered good form to fight to the death, win or lose, in any duel to which you have given consent.

Mechanics of Online DuelsEdit

Online duels work differently than offline duels in the following ways:

  • Both the attacker and defender have a 50% chance of going first
  • Skills may not be used in an online duel regardless of relative levels
  • Fairies do not revive players in online duels; if you die, you lose on-hand fairies
  • There are no power moves
  • In an offline duel, if the attacker tries to run, sometimes the defender will "see" them and get an extra attack. In online duels, running is guaranteed.
  • If the defender gets the first move and decides to run, then the attacker doesn't lose use up a player fight.
  • Sometimes, the defender isn't able to communicate with the attacker. This may be because the defender logged off while the duel was being initiated or is in the middle of a long task or Forest event. In this case, after a long enough time on the waiting screen the attacker has the chance to press (R)un and cancel the duel.
  • A player who gets killed in an online duel doesn't lose gems as (s)he would in an offline duel. The killer still earns a number of gems equal to half of the killed party's total.
  • If players do not force a refresh of their stats (by mock-dueling Midnight Master) before dueling, the game may not properly sync the duel, one player will see an outdated weapon or Hit Point score on his opponent, or possibly the winner will earn no experience and not get a kill credit. Players who have leveled up or upgraded their equipment are especially prone to these issues.