The birth screen comes up at the start of the day if the RNG decides the female player gets a baby

Female players begin to have a 1 in 11 chance at pregnancy once they have more than five lays. Every five lays they get enables them the possibility at another child, but this is no guarantee they'll have any at all.

If a female character has 16 lays, she is allowed no more than 3 children. But with a 1 in 11 chance every login, chances are higher that she'll have zero.

If the Random Number Generator pulls a 20 (see below), then the pregnancy will result in a stillbirth. This was added to the game code when Seth Robinson's married friends suffered this tragedy in real life. He was moved to add this realism into his game--one of the things that gives this old text game such dimension and depth.

Pseudocode Edit

if (playerData.gender = 5)

randomVariable = 1 to 18
if (randomVariable = 11 && playerdata.lays > kids * 5)
call Give_Birth //random[1,20]: 20 = stillbirth, 1-9 = boy, 10-19 = girl


For the benefits of having children, see the Children page.