Located on the "More" tab on the main site is a link to the previous games, which list the final stats of all the games in Nuklear history (data for early rounds is incomplete).

Top 5 ListsEdit

For most rounds, the front page has the top 5 lists showing the top 5 overall, in kills, in lays, and in charm. This is to hasten the ability to look for top ranked players. Overall rankings go by dragon kills, followed by exp.

Cumulative StatsEdit

The Nuklear and Amadeus rankings show all time rankings of players. Unfortunately, the rankings have not been updated since round 30. Additionally, they only count stats in the colored realms, so rounds 1-11 aren't included either. The Nuklear rankings only show players who participated in at least three rounds (between rounds 12 and 30), while the Amadeus rankings show all players who have played any round (between rounds 12 and 30).


Here is an up to date list of champions that includes all rounds 2-52 (there was no winner in round 1):

Overlord (The Mystical One)- 17

Einherjar- 13

Five Time Winners: Valkyrie, falknhayn

Four Time Winners: Algaranna, Nightmare (listed as Manna Flare on rankings, SpoG on the forums), Tymorn, Walker

Three Time Winners: Hot Shot, DreamWarrior/Blitz/Mr. Scary[1] (Maddest Hatter), Silverfangs, Benecia[2], Tikel, naLLe, a fishstick

Two Time Winners: RAM, Bomania, injektilo, Sombra, Dazhbog, Amadeus, Sky Lynx, Magneto, pinkbunnies, Krokettihelvetti (Welhis on the forums), Mir (Dave Lister on the forums), Ether

One Time Winners: Ski, Arya, Dr. Rockenstein, blah, Neon[2], Fury, Hagakure (Pseudein), JMAN, Cmac, Hidden Imp, Love of God, Gabriel, Lady Literous, Shhhhh, Drako, xKoDx, Dan, Keu

  1. Blue round 14 after original winner was disqualified.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Kordex (B16), Neon (B31) and Benecia (R43) additionally had rounds in which they killed five dragons but were not awarded a win. This is because they were the second players to kill five dragons on the day the round ended. It was ruled that no round would have two winners.
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