Seth Able the Bard is a character based on Seth Able Robinson, creator of LoRD. Seth is the charming and morally loose Bard at the Inn.

Songs Edit

Seth Able the bard will sing a song for a player, male or female. Once a day, players can listen to Seth's song and receive a bonus, such as the doubling of one's bank account, or additional forest/player vs player fight opportunities.

Ask Seth to Sing

Flirting with Seth Edit

Female players can flirt with Seth Able in a variety of ways ranging from a wink to a proposal of marriage, with success determined by a player's charm score. A marriage to Seth costs 120 charm, and may last one day or two months or more; unlike player-player marriages, the software may terminate these bonds at any time. During marriage, children are possible. If Seth is married, then when female players try to flirt, they will see a message that he has a ring on his finger and are asked if they want to seduce him anyway. In this case a player will succeed if and only if her charm is greater than the charm of the player to whom Seth is married. The reward for making Seth 'falter' is 100*level experience. The only penalty for failure is being called a wench and having it appear in the Daily News.

Action Charm Needed Base Experience
Wink 1 5
Flutter 2 10
Drop 4 20
Ask 8 30
Kiss 16 40
Seduce 32 40
Marry 120 0 (5000 if virgin)


If you are female with 4 or more kids and 14 or more lays, then there is a 1 in 5 chance each day that Seth will give you an amount of gold equal to your level*number of kids*1000.

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