When a player begins playing Legend of the Red Dragon for the first time in a new round, they are asked which class of warrior they wish to play as. The choices are:

 As you remember your childhood, you remember...
 (K)illing A Lot Of Woodland Creatures
 (D)abbling In The Mystical Forces
 (L)ying, Cheating, And Stealing From The Blind

These are Death Knight Skills, Mystical Skills and Thieving Skills respectively. Each class or warrior has special skills which help them in defeating forest monsters, other players and ultimately, The Red Dragon.

There are two ways to obtain points for skill uses. One way is through skill events in the forest. Additionally, you obtain a skill point whenever you gain a level. If you earn your 40th skill point in a class via leveling up, you will then be given the option to change professions. You may opt to stay in the same profession, but in that case you will not receive skill points for leveling up for the rest of the day unless you change your profession first.