Sniping is a tactic used to kill an offline player quickly. It's used to prevent another player who is online already from getting that same kill.

Sometimes you will check the stats page and see a kill you really want, only to notice that there's a player in the realm who can kill your target. They've been on for a minute or two, or more, but since they're alone in the realm, they haven't felt the need to rush in and get the kill yet. Possibly they need an equipment upgrade first, or they're looking for Olivia so they can get in High Spirits. Or they want to catch a fairy. Whatever the reason, the kill is still there, and you can try to snipe it if you have the nimbleness of mind and hand.

Sniping is considered a cutthroat strategy by many players. Tactically speaking, it has a dual advantage:

  • you gain exp for the day, advancing yourself
  • you also withhold exp from a competitor by preventing them from getting a kill, thus gaining ground against them specifically

How to Snipe Edit

  • Know your keystrokes ahead of time
    • Enter the realm
    • don't snub anyone
    • go to the bank
    • withdraw the right amount, or close enough that if you die with the extra on hand, you're not broke the next day. Some players withdraw 3333 or 11111 in gold for keystroke speed.
    • go to the Inn
    • bribe the bartender
    • type the name you want to attack, with enough letters that the system won't ask you six names before you get to the right one
    • start and end the fight quickly and safely
  • Type them with firm actions
    • no stuttering
    • don't bump wrong key in haste
  • Finish the fight
    • if you start the fight and then sit there, the other player can attack and win exp too
    • it's generally bad to let another player double-kill with you, especially if it gives them the exp for level 12, but not you
    • doing a double-kill on purpose is teamplaying, and against the rules in the Colored Realms.

Drawbacks Edit

Many things can go wrong with attempting a snipe:

  • Accidental snubbing
  • Not seeing who gave you gold for a recent DK so you don't know who to thank/repay
  • Mistypes take so long that the other player is alerted to your presence and gets a solo kill, leaving you with nothing
  • Take too long, and a double-kill forces you to level up to a bad place like level 10 to avoid being killed by the other player
  • You succeed, but other player gets really mad, flames you in the forums