Stats Page

The stats page is where you can keep track of the progress of all of your competitors. The following information is displayed on the stats page:

  • Each player's sex
  • Each player's skills. For this a T, M, or D will appear when a player reaches 20 skill points. When the player reaches 40, it changes color.
  • The number of dragons each player has killed.
  • Each player's level and experience.
  • Each player's lays, charm, and kills.
  • Whether player's are alive or dead and when they last played.
  • The Daily News for that day

Utilizing the Stats PageEdit

Using the stats page is crucial for being competitive in LoRD. The most important thing to check is whether or not experience will be available upon log in. Since most kills are made from one level below (with skills), the same level (if you have better gear), or from a level above, you will want to make sure that somebody around your level with the experience you want is currently alive. It is very difficult to get beyond level 8 from forest fights alone

Take note that in blue realm, if somebody's experience is way out of wack with their level, say a level 5 character with 5 million experience, then that player is probably camping and effectively unkillable.

In red realm it is unadvisable to log on whenever somebody multiple levels higher than you is playing. If you do so, then you are at their mercy to not simply kill you before you have a chance to play.


Another thing that you can use the stat page for is the scout out potential ressurects. Anybody who last played 2 days or 5 days ago (3 or 6 once Midnight Master comes by) is a potential ressurect. Once the lockout period has begun, you can be certain that these players will be ressurects. Ressurects appear alive and in the fields to start the day. This means that you don't have to worry about them being in the inn. But everybody else knows when the ressurects will appear, too, so you have to be quick to kill them.

Why these stats?Edit

Everything listed on the stats page is available in game. The player list in game tells you sex, skill, level, and experience. Turgons Warrior Training has a list of dragon kills. Lays and kills are listed in Dark Cloak Tavern. Other info, such as gold accumulated and gear equiped, though useful, is meant to be kept secret.