Over time, many LoRD superstitions have appeared. The following is a collection of statements that have circulated and often appear on other walkthroughs that have been proven false:

  • Myth: Going to the Forest before hearing Seth the Bard increases the probability of a bank double.
  • Fact: The set of random numbers that result in a bank double are the same regardless of whether or not you have done fights in the forest.
  • Myth: For the Death Knight skill event, the man is guilty on odd days and innocent on even days.
  • Fact: The man has a 50% chance of being guilty independent of the day.
  • Myth: Taking the Old Man to the inn increases the chance of getting favorable events.
  • Fact: Taking the Old Man to the inn has no effect on future events. In fact, the random number sequence you'll receive is fixed by the seed given at log in.
  • Myth: When married to Violet or Seth, increasing your charm each day prevents getting divorced.
  • Fact: There is a 1/3 chance of getting divorced by Violet or Seth each day. Changes to charm does not effect this.
  • Myth: Married women are more likely to have children.
  • Fact: Any female character with enough lays has a 1/11 chance of having a child, married or not.