In addition to the colored realms, players may also play in the test (also known as special) realm. Given one account, a player may have both a colored realm player and a test realm player.

Test Realm's PurposeEdit

The Mystical One created Test Realm as a place to experiment with the parameters of the game. Game functions and limits can be changed, added, or deleted by tmo, sometimes without warning (though this has not happened in several rounds).

Testing in Test Realm led directly to the change in gambling, from unlimited gambles/day to 10/day.

Test Realm PlayEdit

Mechanically, the test realm plays the same as the colored realms - there are all the same forest monsters, masters, gear, skills, etc. The only current differences are the following:

  • 30 Forest Fights instead of 25
  • 2 Player Fights instead of 3
  • 10 bank transfers of up to 3000 gold each rather than 2 transfers of up to 500.
    1 dragon per day

    One dragon attack per day

These are subject to change at tmo's decision at any time. However, test realm play can be quite different. Test realm is not a competitive realm, like the others, so the stats are not saved to the Previous Games. The only rules are against cloning and heavy bug exploitation (specifically, gem farming and multi-mass-res-killing). Team play, camping, and duel killing are all allowed. Team players have gotten over 40 dragon kills in a round. However, is it not possible to attack the dragon a second time, even if you teamplay your way back to level 12 after slaying the dragon.

Additionally, there are a number of challenges for test realm, which may be found in the Challenges thread.