The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is the level 12 master. In order to win a round at Nuklear LoRD, you must face him and kill him five times. This involves strategic use of your skills, as well as buying powerful weapons and armor. See how to get your First Dragon Kill.

Dragon Stats[edit | edit source]

The dragon has 15,000 Hit Points, a STR of 2,000, and a DEF of 0. Massive damage must be inflicted, with powerful weapons and skill uses, to hack that HP number down to zero. LS and/or excellent armor is needed to survive long enough to do that.

The dragon has several attacks it can hit you with. You have a 1/4 chance of receiving each.

  • Swishing Tail
  • Huge Claw
  • Stomping the Ground
  • Flaming Breath

Flaming Breath is the most dangerous: it has double damage compared to the other attacks. The dragon has a strength of 2000 for the first three, but Flaming Breath gives him a strength of 4000.

Firebreath Damage = [(DragonStrength/2) + rand(0, (DragonStrength/2) - 1)] x2 - YourDefense

The Firebreath can also be a powermove:

FirebreathDamage + FirebreathDamage/2

If you receive a Flaming Breath that is also a powermove...may Seth Able have mercy.

Encountering the Dragon[edit | edit source]

You approach the lair of the Red Dragon concealed by darkness.

The mountain looms high before you. In the front is a huge cave... peering from that cave are two blood red eyes. Those glaring eyes strike fear into you...and the dragons fire-hot breath warms you even from this far away.

The Red Dragon can only be found by going into the Forest and (S)earching for him. Once you find him, you may (R)un away and return later without losing your chance to fight. This is handy if you've forgotten to turn on HOTT or upgrade your weapon, or you just bumped a key. If you (R)un during the fight itself, you can't return that day.

If you fail to slay the dragon, your day ends in just one way.

He can be delicate because he's had a lot of practice

At least it's quick.

Making it easier[edit | edit source]

  • Using JennieHott
  • having a fairy in hand
  • using Light Shield at the start
  • firing off Mind Heal at a strategic moment
  • not getting surprise powermoved with a Flaming Breath
  • having plenty of T skills

Epilogue screens[edit | edit source]

After the Kill[edit | edit source]

No matter your class, after you see the Ending screen, you will see this screen:


You are a hero. Bards will sing of your deeds, but that doesn't mean your life doesn't go on.

YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOW BE RESET. But you will keep a few things you have earned. Like the following.





Apparently, you have been sleeping. You dust yourself off, and regain your bearings. You feel like a new person!

Every time you defeat the Red Dragon (except the last, which closes the game), you receive the following:

  • reset to level 1
  • 10 STR, 1 DEF (total, not cumulative)
  • stick and coat
  • 500 gold
  • 10 gems (that you can't spend until you reach lvl 2 so the bartender will speak to you)
  • same charm score
  • 25 more FF
  • 3 more player fights
  • ability to send one more romatic mail that day
  • note that you can not hear Seth or flirt with Seth/Violet after killing the dragon if you did so beforehand
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