This is the screen info you see if you slay the dragon as a thief. In case you wanted to see what it says, since you usually blast past it in your excitement.

EPILOGUE - The Thiefs Ending


You breath a sigh of relief, retrieve your daggers and carefully clean them. Although you realized some may think it cold hearted if they ever found out, you pick through the childrens bones, picking up a gold piece here, a silver there. Afterall, these children didn't need it to buy a meal anymore... They WERE a meal! You smile at your own dry wit and realize you had better get to town and share the news.

The hike to town is long, but you are used to it, and rather enjoy the peace it brings. You find the town deserted. You enter the inn, hoping find some clue, but all you find is Violet.

"Via, Where has everyone gone? Have they finally given up hope of ever stopping the Red Dragon, and have gone to seek a new lifestyle?

There is a pause, then she responds.

"No, they are having a feast at Turgons Place. Naturally SOMEONE had to stay here, and OF COURSE it would be me...I never get to have any fun!"

You give her a wink. "That just isn't so...Remember last night?" She giggles, and after a few more naughty sayings you have her cheeks as deep a scarlet as a rose.

When you finally meet up at Turgons, you share your story. You can't help but be pleased at seeing so many faces in awe over your doings, so you 'spice' up the story in a few places... As you are finishing, a woman in the back cries out.

"That Thief is wearing the ring I gave my Ellie the last birthday before disappeared!"

You decide now would be the perfect time to make your departure.