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Thieving Skills are one of the three skill classes your player may choose among. It is generally accepted that Thieving Skills are superior to Death Knight Skills as they do the same damage, but your chance of gaining a Death Knight Skill from a skill event in the Forest is only 50% each time, compared to 100% if you have a gem on hand as a Thief. And as a Thief you can rob the bank.

Gaining Thieving Skills[]

Thieving Skills can be gained by meeting the Thieves Guild in the forest. This is a random event.

Event In The Forest


You are innocently skipping through the forest, when you suddenly notice you are surrounded by a group of rogues!

"Greetings, Sysop. We are members of the Master Thieves Guild.
We know you are struggling to learn our ways.
We will give you a lesson, for the price of one Gem."

  • (G)ive Them A Hard Earned Gem
  • (S)pit In Their Faces
  • (M)umble Apologies And Run

If you have a gem and you hand it over, you will gain a skill point. If you don't have one, it doesn't matter if you choose spit or mumble, you will not receive a skill point. There is no penalty for choosing either spit or mumble.

Using Thieving Skills[]

Surprise, you hoochie fiend!

Each day you are a Thief, you receive one bonus Thieving Skill Use. Additional uses are given for every five Thieving Skill points you have. Please note: The Legend of the Red Dragon game says it is every four skill points, however this is incorrect. On the days that you achieve a number of skill points that's divisible by 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40) you'll receive an extra Skill Use for that day only.

Each Thieving Skill use does around 3 times the damage of a normal attack.

Damage = [(YourStrength/2) + rand(0, (YourStrength/2) - 1)] x3 - EnemyDefense.

Robbing the Bank[]

You're a thief, find the key. Hint: it has wings.

Ability to rob the bank is one of the major advantages of being a Thief.

If you are currently a Thief and catch a fairy, you can go to the bank and press 2 (two) to steal money. The amount of money depends on the level you are on. Here is a chart of Bank Robbery Amounts.