Turgon is the level eleven master. His weapon is the Able's Sword. He has 2,500 Hit Points and a strength of 1,200. You require 10,000,000 experience to challenge Turgon.

Encountering Turgon Edit

This is the dialogue you see when you first go to the training center at level 11.

"I am Turgon, son. The greatest warrior in the realm.

You are a great warrior, and if you best me, you must find and kill the Red Dragon. I have every faith in you."

Questioning Turgon Edit

When you (Q)uestion your master to see if you have enough Experience to level up, this is what you see if you can go ahead and challenge them.

"You are truly the BEST warrior in the realm."

Defeating TurgonEdit

Your odds of success depend on your weapon/armour combination.

% Against Turgon
Equipment + 40 gems HOTT+40 gems
200/200 8 13
200/400 9 15
200/1 14 23
200/4 29 43
400/200 11 19
400/400 13 22
400/1 20 32
400/4 37 54
1/200 16 25
1/400 19 30
1/1 27 42
1/4 46 64
4/200 25 39
4/400 29 45
4/1 39 57
4/4 61 77

Upon defeating Turgon, you receive the following message:

You have bested Turgon!

You are a master warrior!

You receive 550 hitpoints, 200 strength and 150 defense points!


If you return to the training center on level 12, you'll see this message.

You pay your respects to Turgon, and stroll around the grounds.

Lesser warriors bow low as you pass. Turgon's last words advise you to find and kill the Red Dragon..


The minimum generally accepted weapon/armour that is needed to defeat Turgon is Able's Sword/Able's Armour. However, players often fail to defeat him with Wan's Weapon and Full Body Armor. Jennie HOTT or a fairy is often used on Turgon due to the difficulty in beating him.