Turgons Warrior Training
Turgon's Warrior Training is the home to each level's master. When you enter, your master will be displayed. It is here that you can question your master and if you have the required experience, attack him. The level 12 master, Turgon, runs the center.

Upon entering Turgon's Warrior Training you are greeted by:

You enter the mighty Training Center. Hundreds of 
warriors, young, as well as old, are sparring. Every
few seconds you hear someone shriek in pain.
Obviously some novice who let his guard down.

You have four options in Turgons Warrior Training:

(Q)uestion Master

(A)ttack Master

(V)isit The Hall Of Honor

(R)eturn To Town

If you question your master you will be told if you have the required experience to battle him or not.

If you attack your master when you do not have enough experience, you will instantly lose the battle. If you do have the required experience, then you will fight your master. You cannot use any skill during a master battle. You may however use a fairy or Jennie HOTT.

If you beat the master, you will advance to the next level. If you are beaten, then you will remain at that level and cannot attempt to attack him again until the next day.