Violet is the barmaid at the Inn.
Flirt with Violet

Male players can flirt with Violet at the Inn. Flirting with her in ways ranging from a wink to a proposal of marriage, with success determined by a player's charm score (see table), can give experience points to players equal to the base experience*level. A successful carry also gives a lay. A marriage to Violet may last one day or two months or more; unlike player-player marriages, the game may terminate these bonds at any time. During marriage, Violet bears one child to the male player with far greater frequency than any player character. Also, a male character receives experience every day that he is married to Violet.

Unlike the Wink through Grab choices, you are not guaranteed success with the Carry option. Assuming you have enough Charm to Carry, a positive outcome is just a random event. In addition, when Violet is married to another player you will lose all flirt options until the marriage has ended.

If Violet is married and a male player tries to flirt with her, he will instead meet Grizelda.

Action Charm Needed Base Experience gained
Wink 1 5
Kiss 2 10
Peck 4 20
Sit 8 30
Grab 16 40
Carry 32 240
Marry 100 1000 (+150 per day married)
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